Born and raised in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Caleb spent the majority of his childhood playing inside cardboard boxes, fighting dragons and playing Cowboys and Indians in his backyard.  He developed the ability to dream big at an early age.  Now, he has made it his career.  


   Graduating from one of the top 10 national art schools, Caleb immediately went to work forging his own way with a unique blend of magic, drama, and storytelling.  He married his high school sweetheart (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THEIR MAGICAL PROPOSAL VIDEO) and now supports his family by living his dream.  Together, they experience real magic on a daily basis.


   He packs out Performing Arts Centers, delivers the best presentation at company banquets and his high-impact school shows are in a league of their own.  His performances have taken him from the Virginia Beach Boardwalk to the Johnny Carson Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He is a high-demand, motivational, inspirational illusionist, speaker, and comedian that has brought amazement and laughter to millions (literally) of people throughout the country.  Yearly he performs over 150 shows.


Through sharing his magic and his story, Caleb challenges his audiences to dig deep and find what their dream is.  


To chase it, pursue it and live it.